After many years of invitation, in 2005, finally we decided: Lets go to Canada! I have known Hajnalka about 20 years. I know and love her and was sure I could trust in her in every aspect of our vacation organization. It was very important to me, because our son was young at that time. I can say we were very satisfied; this trip gave us a lifetime of memories. We spent one week in Toronto + Niagara Falls and 2 weeks in the Canadian Rockies.

We enjoyed the second part of our trip the most. We live in a very busy city so we always prefer to go to the wilderness. It was really an adventure-experience-miracle! I know everything can be organized from Hungary but for somebody like me, who works so much, this was an incredible help. We just flew there and enjoyed the trip. She bought the local air tickets, rented a car, all accommodation were reserved, maps were ready for us. She knew to purchased the bus tickets to Lake O'Hara three months before our trip, because the daily limit of visitors is strictly controlled. During our trip, every evening Hajnalka helped us plan the next day's hike. She knows the trails so she could explain to us what to expect on that chosen trail. Forget about trips to the visitor packed trails at Tatra or the Austrian Alpes. We had an eight hour long hike where we only saw three hikers in the last hour of our hike. On that trail we saw only marmots. They were whistling at each other.

So, if you would like to travel individually and you want to be sure your trip will be well organized ask for Hajnalka's help. It is worth it to get help from someone who has experience and knows the area. If you would like to ask anything about my trip you can call me on this number: 30 340 8416.

Katalin Vajda (Budapest)

We like to travel to the different parts of the world once a year and most of the time we use travel agencies. Here in Hungary there are no travel agencies we can use or trust for this trip. In 2004 we went on a trip to the Canadian Rockies where they protect nature and the choice of accommodations is limited. We went with Hajnalka Zadravecz and her husband who are experienced hikers. We completely let her organize this trip. We trusted her organization skills to find the best prices for quality accommodations, and put together the daily schedule. The result was maybe the most memorable vacation we have ever had. Every evening we made B.B.Q. on the bank of the Athabasca River where our cabin was rented. We drank some wine and had a good time. That completed our memories beside the daily hikes: the beautiful crystal clear, emerald green lakes, fast creeks and waterfalls we saw during the day.

We thought this trip gave us as many good memories as possible but in the summer of 2007, we again used Hajnalka's excellent service. She sent us to beautiful places that surpassed our expectations. This time we went to the United States wild west area. During our three week vacation we went from Yellowstone National Park to Utah and Arizona's canyons and spent some time in Colorado's hidden gems like Ouray. After a daily hike near gold mines we relaxed in the Ouray's hot springs. The Bryce Canyon and Antelope Canyon gave us rich memories that won't be easy to surpass again. However, we are going to give Hajnalka the chance to out do this trip!

Hajnalka Zadravecz is blessed with good organization skills, is precise, flexible and very helpful. We strongly recommend her services to everybody who would like to enrich his/her life with memorable adventures.

Nagy Attila, PhD. ( Ret. Professor of Medicine) and Dr. Kis Erika (M.D.) (Gyula)

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